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The Perfect Trench Coat


The perfect trench coat means that you don't need to spend 3 hour staring at your wardrobe and deciding what to wear over no matter what you are already wearing. I keep on saying to all my clients that their wardrobe cannot be good enough without a trench-coat. However I was looking for my...

Color Blocking

Diana Shoot 604_WEB

Hi, there! I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend, as I did, finally. The spring is already deep in my heart and my mind so I have absolutely no desire to wear and sad colors and any monochromic combinations. So this post is about colors, contrasts and the...

Another Hat

Diana Shoot 608_WEB

Hi, there! I am officially ready for spring, as well as my wardrobe - full of flashy colors, high heels and mini skirts. However this outfit post is the last one in winter mood.

What kind of look is that? - No idea, I just like to mix thing that don't...

To wear or not wear?


To wear or not wear furs? In the country I am coming from this question is simply rediculous, especially when the temprature drops down by -30 C in winter. Fur is also a part of our traditional style, culture and history. Whereas in Russia, fur is a must have, in Europe fur...

Day Clouds


I hate clouds, especially living in Belgium - this is what I observe most of the year from my window. However when it comes to fashion, and especially Kenzo collection "day clouds", I am totally in love with it. Fashion is becoming more and more arty, and it is not a luxury anymore to walk...

60s look


Sometimes I wonder how would I look like if I was born in a different decade: like 20s, 30s, 40s or 60s?! Still when cometics and hair dye was invented since I am not a natural type of girl;)

Those time fashion really put a stamp on people in a good...

Vintage Denim


Hi, there! It's been a long time, a lot of work, and me standing not in front but behind the camera as a stylist, which I, to be honest, love more than being a model.

Today I had a wonderful time with my friend - young and beautiful photographer No Comments Read more

Masculine vs Feminine


Masculine vs feminine. "What should I wear to the James Bond party?”, - asked me one of my clients the other day. “Red, black or a white dress?”.  “Neither”, - I said and suggested to “rock” the evening  in a tuxedo, worn with fitted pants  and the best pair of...

Autumn Colors


After a two-hour of color training session a client of mine – a surgeon from Greece  asked me:  “So how exactly I match the colors. Which color to wear on top and which on bottom  and which color of shoes I should wear with?” My answer was short: -...

Chanel Inspired


Hello, my dear reader! Even though I promised to someone a real autumn look with coat, gloves and hat, it is not happening this time, sorry(((. Belgium is surprising us with almost summer temperatures and I am using my last chance to wear dress without black wool stockings). This post is all about how to...