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How to wear and combine colours? I have been asked this question at least twice every single day, yet I am still struggling to give the answer to it.  In my opinion, colours are just like music or dance, you can learn it all your life, but it does not mean you will be able to become a composer or a choreographer one day.   I would say mixing and matching colours is more a talent than knowledge. Thus……..

Today’s post is about one of the most popular ways to use colour – is to use the 3 neighbour colours on the colour wheel. If you still do not know how the colours are placed on the colour wheel, here you go:


Just have a look which colours are placed next to each other on the colour wheel. Pick any 3 and go ahead! You can go for warm colours only like: red, orange and yellow, or cool ones such as turquoise, blue and purple. Mostly important, choose the most flattering colour for tops, less flattering for the rest of your outfit. The colour next to your face should be a winner, otherwise there is no point in introducing it in the look.

Why is this contrast so popular today? I guess the answer is in it’s originality – the colours which are no match, at first sight, are put together and look very fresh and unexpected. How many people dare to pair turquoise with royal blue, to say nothing of adding purple on top? By using colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel you will always look colourful without risk of looking like a peacock.

My colour combo is very feminine: from the light shade of pink, to dark red and fuchsia. I can hardly afford wearing flashy colour next to my face due to my colour type, which is why for these “screaming” pants I have chosen light pink not to let my face fade away. However if you mix bright colours with pastels, do not forget to inject a tiny bright detail, to make your look complete. In my case, its a lipstick, but it can also be a pair of earrings, bracelets or flashy clutch.

The limit is your fantasy, the result is bold and colourful look strongly recommended in the peak of summer. Try it on!;)






Me wearing color block pants and bangles BCBG Max Azria, Sandro silk blouse, Sergio Rossi nude pumps

Pictures are taken by my friend – beautiful Anna Hallard.

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