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Hi, there! I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend, as I did, finally. The spring is already deep in my heart and my mind so I have absolutely no desire to wear and sad colors and any monochromic combinations. So this post is about colors, contrasts and the art of color blocking.

Since I am really spending a lot of time teaching people how to wear and combine colors, I will take a privillege of giving some tips about color blocking. And even though it is purely creative process and therefore it’s difficult to explain why coral goes with navy and not with ochre, I will still try to make it more or less logical.

Tip #1 : Do not be afraid of wearing color!

Tip#2:  Do not let the color stand out more than you. Meaning do not go for bright color with plain complexion and if you still do so, work it out with a make-up, make your features brighter, so that your face is not fading against the color you are wearing.

Tip#3: Wear at least 3 colors in one outfit. If you are pretty conservative add some color accent in accessories, like black and white combination can be easily upgraded with some flashy clutch or a necklace: yeallow, green, electric blue, whatever. Avoid some cliche combinations though like black and white outfit with red shoes – so 90s!;)

Tip#4: If you dare to use color blocking which is combining 2,3 or more strong colors, be carefull with the tint of the color. If you choose vintage rose, do not combine it with any clear tint like sky blue, crisp white or magenta. These colors are coming from different stories, therefore the only thing they will show is the lack of taste and knowledge of fashion. Never mix clear bright shades with toned-down, pale tints.

Tip#5: Wear light and bright colors on top and dark, toned-down on bottom, this way you look taller and skinnier. e.x. Orange jacket and dark green pants, not the other way around;)

Tip#6 Invest once in color advice, it will spare a lot of time and money by teaching you which color to choose and how to wear them.

Have fun with colorizing yourself and have a great week!

As usual thanks a million to my friend Steven Lemmens for the beautiful pictures!

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Diana Shoot 605_WEB

Me wearing Essentiel Pants, H&M sweater, Guiseppe Zanotti pumps, Mango clutch, Swarovski bracelet (special thanks to my friend), vintage jacket and ring.

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