Camel Coat

camel coat

Hello, my dearest reader. The winter is already half a way and I strongly keep myself from buying any winter clothing no matter the sales. And meanwhile I have to re-invent my fall wardrobe to get the maximum out of it, before I can get back into my colourful and flirty spring clothes. So today’s about the one of the most iconic and classy piece you can ever invest in – camel coat.

From Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Michelle Obama and Alexa Chung camel coat has been keeping the most stylish women (including me) warm for at least half a century. No matter if you are a first lady, movie star, fashionista or a hard-working mother of 3, camel coat will always help you get through the winter in the most classy, modern and yet comfortable way. Have you got one by the way? If not, run to the store right after you read my article and buy one, and thank me later.

What makes camel-coat so popular for so many decades?

Well I think I could write a book about all the advantages of camel coat. But I will start this the most important – the color. Camel colour is warm and cosy,  yet neutral and versatile, meaning that the color itself is easy to wear and combine – you can hardly go wrong with mixing it with other colors. You can match it with neutral colors or brights, solid or printed pieces, it will always remain sober and elegant and adjust itself to the look you are trying to create.

Secondly, the fabric of camel coat which is wool-cashmere, or just wool (in the cheapest version of it) gives this coat this classy look and feel. It is warm, comfy but never look cheap or sloppy.

Thirdly, camel coat always comes in a good cut. It can be a classical Max Mara double-breasted wrap model or very masculine cut(the one I am wearing) both work perfectly on any body type and can be transmitted into any look and style. And likewise the color, the model of this coat gives you unlimited freedom of pairing this piece with absolutely everything and wearing it for any occasion. This is just a gift! You buy one coat,  you wear it with jeans or cocktail dress, to the office or a black-tie event year-in-year-out and you never get out of fashion. The only disadvantage of the camel coat is you can ever get bored of it, but then you realise you can not miss it even for a season.



camel coat


Camel Coat

 I am wearing camel coat Maje (thanks a million to my mother-in-law), Topshop loafers, andotherstories hand bag, Essenitel fur key-chain and Lolita Lempika sunglasses. 

Photos by my friend Anna Hallard

And still a few words about other ways to style your camel coat.  There are a lot of ways of wearing it, so I narrowed them to the most interesting ones:

Camel coat and denim:

Camel coat and sporty outfit


Camel coat, prints and patterns:


Camel coat and white:


Camel Coat and Red:


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