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Makeover Elke

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It's been a long time since I updated my "before/after" column not for the reason of my laziness but rather my clients' desire to keep it private. However, there are always young, beautiful and daring girls who deserve to glance in a photoshoot and being told about.

Welcome one of them -...

Style Makeover

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What I like the most about my job is the opportunity to meet interesting people. I truly admire women I had a chance to work with and this what inspires me to help them look better. After hearing out their story,  which is unique and inspiring in its own way, I start...

Style Makeover

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Hi, there! I hope you all enjoyed your Xmas holiday as much as I did and missed me a little bit. Because I can't wait to share with you the results of our project "Style Makeover" which took place in December. As usual, it was very intense since we did everything in one day, and very...

Style Makeover


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Are you not happy with your look?

Do you want to try a new style and make-up?

Are you curious to see yourself in a glamorous photoshoot?

Fashion Makeover is a great chance to spend one day as a real celebrity. Your personal stylist will pick the...

Style Makeover: Svetlana



Please welcome the next character of  my project "Style Makeover" - Svetlana. Svetlana is not new in our project, she has already taken part in "Style Makeover", which makes our interview with her so interesting. A few questions to Svetlana:

What motivated you to participate in "Style Makeover"?

Makeover Kristina

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Hello my dearest reader! As usual, at the begining of the month my monthly column in BxlConnect hit the shelves of all the hotspots in Brussels and I can not wait to share it with you.

My character Kristina is a young student from Liege. She is a true natural...

Style Makeover – Andra

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Why people need a style makeover?! I discovered that actually most of my clients have discovered a necessity to change their style with a change in their life. Some have recently become mothers, others have got a new job, divorced, got married or moved to another country. I hear a variety of stories...

Man in style

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As some of you may heard already, recently I have got my own style column in BrxlConnect magazine, where I re-style expats and try to adjust their style to their daily expat life in Belgium.

And finally I had a pleasure to treat a man to a makeover - so it is about...

Personal Branding

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Some people sell chocolates, other sell books, cars, houses, fashion, or arts. My post is about those who sell themselves as a brand and what is called personal branding. Brand that comes as the most unique package of all the most unique knowledge, capacities and charms. Package that only you have...

Expat Makeover


New Year has begun with quite a few exciting new projects and collaborations. One of them is my own column in the biggest expat magazine in Brussels - BxlConnect which you can find in all the hot spots of Brussels. And I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you the very first...