Fashion Makeover


Last month me and my team launched a new project “Fashion Makeover”. The idea was pretty similar to what you see in most TV shows, the only difference was that it was not TV, but real life. Makeover and photoshoot in one day. Uhuu! And to make it even more challenging Fashion Makeover had several “victims” at the same time. 3 hours of personal shopping, hair and make up done, light, camera, GO!!!

Honestly, it was not all that smooth as we planned. And I did spent some sleepless nights because of this project, however I am very proud with the result and I am more than happy to present it. Meet the first character of “Fashion Makeover”- Daria.

Thanks a lot to my dream team: Anna Hallard – photography, Steven Lemmens- technical support, Maria Afanasyeva – hair and make up stylist.







Daria is wearing Printed Top, Shirt, Pants, Coat and Necklace all from Zara, pumps Asos.

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