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While everyone is desperately waiting for the first signs of spring, I decided to dedicate my very last winter post to the must-have of all times and all seasons  – a tweed jacket. For this amazing transformer piece, as well as for many other genious fashion inventions we should thank legendary Coco Chanel and her little black jacket.  The best thing about little tweed jacket is the definition it gives to every owner: “classy and fabulous”. This piece does not have any age, season or style limitations which makes it so versatile and universal at the same time. If your grandma left one as a family heritage or if you got it from the store it will accompany you everywhere from the office to a cocktail evening and give that extra sophistication and elegance to the basics from blue jeans to little black dress.

Tweed jacket is the classics, which is why if you go to classic with it you risk easily turn your look into boring and old-fashioned. How to wear tweed jacket without looking like a grandma?

I prefer to wear classics with something very cool and rock-n-roll like leather and metal. I got this beautiful classic tweed suit by Paul Ka from my mother-in-law (thank you Brigitte) and to be honest I had some difficulties to merge it with my wardrobe. Eventually, I watched recent catwalks from Chanel and realised that I want to create a typical Lagerfeld look with leather legging and metallic accessories. My look is 100% Chanel by Lagerfeld inspired a mix of iconic chanel tweed and pearls and modern rock-n-roll leather and metallic accessories. So the first way to wear tweed jacket/suit is to pair it with leather and/or metallics.

tweed jacket




I am wearing: Paul Ka tweed suit, Urban Outfittes leather-look legging, Essentiel boots, and Karl Lagergeld silver bag.

Photos by Steven Lemmens 

Another great way to turn tweed into casual and cool outfit is to wear it with denim. It is a mix of two classics: denim and tweed which stand on the opposite side of their social status. One comes from working class, another from top society. However the days of class difference and social hierarchy are far in the past and streetstyle picked up this combination and turned it into one of the most popular among the fashionista’s.



Tweed looks gorgeous with bright colors from cool ones like blue and purple to warm like yeallow and pink. Normally tweed garments do not have much color and come in black, grey or neutral beige and white. For this reason color accent like shoes or purse or a whole colorful piece can be perfect to make your look young, fresh yet elegant and neat.


If you are a very trendy girl you can try sport chic and pair you tweed jacket with jogging pants, a pair of sneakers or some chunky knitwear.




Have fun with your tweed jacket and do not forget to share my styling tips with your girlfriends! Have a wonderful week! yours, D

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