Color Advice

There are at least 4200 colors in the fashion industry –how to choose? Chasing the trends every season?   – Tiresome, costly and risky. Go for the brightest color in the store? –You don’t want to compete with your own dress when it comes to setting the first impression.

What a disappointment we face every time we dare to introduce some new color to our life after years of piling up black-grey-brown combinations in our closet.We all have our bright features, as well as those we would prefer to disguise, so why not leave this job  to colors? Believe us, they can do it, just give it a chance!

Style coach Diana will teach you how to pick up the right colors for your wardrobe, hair and make-up, which color to wear to get the job, and which one to avoid if you are going to meet your future mother-in-law. 

                                                                       Color advice includes:

  • Color analysis based on your natural features
  • Choosing neutral, base and accent colors and shades for clothes&accessories
  • Choosing your most flattering color combinations and contrasts to master your look
  • Hair color and make-up advice

 Color advice (2 h) – 120 euros (incl. color passport)



Style Advice

Let’s be honest, few of us think ‘I am a Greek Goddess ’ standing naked in front of the mirror and deciding what to wear. Whether you are tall or small, flat or curvy, with big hips or no hips at all, you can look fabulous if only you know how to “wrap” what you have at your advantage and wear  it with pride. Diana will show you how to embrace your figure and celebrate it by letting clothes be your ally, not your enemy.

Diana will find your unique style, the one which will reflect a sense of individuality, will make you stand out from the crowd and look appropriate for any occasion.

 Style advice is all about YOU, because after all, “if there is no woman there is no dress” said legendary Coco Chanel.

Style advice includes:

  • Hairstyle&make up advice based on the shape of your face, choosing the right size&shape for spectacles and jewels
  • Body scan: body shape analysis, defining the right silhuoettes, camouflage techniques
  • Style advice: prints,fabrics and cuts, clothes&accessories,
  • Defining the style DNA based on your personality

Style Advice (2h) – 130 euros (incl. style passport)



Wardrobe Check

Diana opens you into a secret – a great wardrobe is not poetry but maths. A perfect structured wardrobe is a good proportion between jackets, dresses, tops and trousers.

The golden rule is  – the sum always remains the same, meaning, each and every single piece in your wardrobe goes with another, so you just cannot go wrong with mixing and matching.

Diana take care of the maths while you enjoy the poetry!

Wardrobe check  – 55 euros/hour




Personal Shopping

NO BLACK personal shopping ideally starts with a wardrobe check bien sur, to avoid buying the whole range of turtle necks in all the colors of the rainbow.

After working out a personal shopping plan,   Diana will take you only to the shops that ideally meet your personal style and budget, and will make sure that your investment, if any is made, is at the highest rate of return, meaning your purchases are the timeless contribution to your wardrobe and your life.

Personal shopping  – 60 euros/hour




Style Coaching 4 Him

Do you believe that being well dressed, looking smart and elegant makes you less of a man? Do you think that an image of a confident man who has got the style may keep you from success in business or among women? Have you got the time to think about your looks?

If the answer to all these questions is NO – then NO BLACK could definitely guide you through all aspects, from the shape of your beard to the color of your tie – all what it takes to match your ambition with your look.

All around style coaching for men includes color, style and image advice –  (2 h) – 180 euros incl style passport.