Makeover Katja

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 In the era of “all-mighty” women, success “feminine-style” is rarely single-tracked. Colleagues, husband, children, girlfriends we strive to admiration, appreciation and respect among so many people and try to be successful in so many ways, that when it comes to our look, it better be perfect.

My next character Katya is exactly the woman who is both old enough to know what she wants from life and energetic enough to go after it. She is a successful business woman, a wife and a mother of a beautiful teenage daughter and that is all at the age of .., trust me, quite young for all these life achievements.

Obviously, with so many tasks to manage and parts to play you just cannot afford spending one hour tet-a-tet with your closet deciding what to wear in the morning, neither can you let your lame outfit ruin your self-confidence as w ell as your spirit for the rest of the day.




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