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Some people sell chocolates, other sell books, cars, houses, fashion, or arts. My post is about those who sell themselves as a brand and what is called personal branding. Brand that comes as the most unique package of all the most unique knowledge, capacities and charms. Package that only you have to market yourself as a brand and get the only one available niche in the market- yours.

My next character – Anna – a freelance architect is “the brand”. She sells not just her expertise, she sells the whole experience working with her. Her clients like to work with HER, they trust HER and they choose HER among hundred other specialists in the field, because she is a brand.

Obviously  what sells the brand in first place is the package. And in our era of “personal marketing” eye-appeal is not enough to sell the product. The package should be first of all unique and secondly it should tell the consumer what he is going to buy. The same with self-branding: personal style is the key – it should let you stand out of the crowd and emphasize what makes you special.

Anna is a 100% self-made woman who managed to carry out her femininity and sensuality through her career path without going wrong with it. For me as a stylist it would be a crime to dress Anna’s perfect hour-glass figure in some sober, minimalist clothes. Anna’s style is first of all to accentuate what she is – a beautiful self-confident woman, and secondly show what she sells – “out of the box” solutions for office place. And this is how I see it:

Anna 4

Anna 2

Anna 2

Anna is wearing: Mer Du Nord Blazer and top, Max Azria bandage skirt, metallic clutch, earrings and ring and Asos nude pumps.

Thank you my team photographer Anna Hallard and MUAH Laura Boegborn for make it happen!

P.S:Last but not the least – work in progress – fashion looks I created for Anna and still need to be executed.

office office day evening

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