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Please welcome the next character of  my project “Style Makeover” – Svetlana. Svetlana is not new in our project, she has already taken part in “Style Makeover”, which makes our interview with her so interesting. A few questions to Svetlana:

What motivated you to participate in “Style Makeover”?

Svetlana: I just like watching well-dressed people on the street, thus for myself it was quite difficult to find the balance between comfort and style in my wardrobe. My wardrobe was filled with useless clothes, which I was piling up for years hoping that it will ever be back on trend. However the old lame “What to wear?” was always on my mind.

Why do you need a stylist?

Svetlana: Diana has finally sorted my wardrobe and helped me to get rid of all the useless stuff in it. Color and style analysis have given me a lot of self-confidence. Now I know that silhouettes chosen by her compliment my body and complexion, I feel my best.
Diana also put a lot of effort in educating the client how to combine clothes, which give you a lot of freedom in coming up with new outfit ideas.

In your opinion, hiring a stylist is more of a luxury or it does save your budget?

Svetlana: You pay for the service but you save on mispurchaces. I don’t buy thing I don’t need or those which do not flatter me. Normally I would just go shopping  to kill my time and end up with a piles of clothes I never wore. No I became more concious about shopping:  every time I pass by a shopping window, I ask myself “Is it really what I need? Does it compliment my colouring? Does it accentuate my body? Would my stylist recommend it for me?” As a result I buy twice less but always have an outfit to wear. This is quite a saving for my budget and my time.

Which image would you like to pursue with your clothing?

Svetlana: The image of a self-confident, powerful and bold woman, but still very feminine and attractive. I would like to stand out but at the same time I want my style to be perfect, that nobody could say anything but “She looks great!”.

What is the most important for you in terms of clothes?

Svetlana: Clothes should be comfortable, feminine, not boring but original.

Look 1





Svetlana: This look I love a lot. I feel comfortable but also stylish. I could wear it everywhere during the day but still go out in the evening.

Svetlana is wearing jacket, jeans, boots and bag, all from Massimo Dutti,  Cos top , scarf VerabyTK,  Andotherstories necklace , glasses Lolita Lempika

Look 2





Svetlana: I feel very feminine and attractive in this look. I know that the dress accentuates my curves and is also very simmering, which is great.

Svetlana is wearing Sportstaff dress with leather fringe detail.

Look 3


Svetlana:  This look inspires me for romance, it is very bohemian and free-spirit, which I am by nature. (LOL) I like this sky blue color, it flatters my skin tone and make me look younger.

Svetlana is wearing Cos top , Andotherstories necklace , sunnies by Lolita Lempika, and Massimo Dutti jeans.

Voila! This is the result of one day personal shopping for Svetlana, which let us buy a new capsule wardrobe with day-to-night, office and evening looks and matching accessories. The looks are colourful, bold, yet feminine and comfortable, which was so important for our character.  Now Svetlana can mix and match different items from our capsule wardrobe and create new outfits because all the clothes we bought are easily-combined by colour, silhouette and fabrics. I wish Svetlana to stay the same charming and charismatic lady for a long time and I wish a fabulous weekend to you, my dearest reader! See you soon!

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