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What is it about girls and shoes?! Every shoe has a story, every girl has both. This is the opening line for the documentary “Sole Sisters” where women from all over the world are sharing their stories about their relationships with their shoes. Indeed what other piece of our wardrobe has so much to tell about it’s owner as our shoes.  Soles carry out our ups and downs, the stories of our best and the most disaster dates, trips and everything a girl can experience. This is why you can save on a dress, a pair of jeans, or a new purse, but never on shoes, if you are a real girl, of course.

Obviously, today’s post is about shoes. Shoes is the king. Nothing can make your look as bad or as good as the shoes. No matter what you where, there is no excuse to wear ugly shoes even if they are the most comfortable shoes you have ever got. My clients often ask me which shoes are worth buying, which color, model or heel height is the best. Of course, it depends, however the tips below are universal for every woman.

So which shoes you should definitely have in your closet?

1. Talking about color, a pair of nude pumps will serve you a long time: it goes with every single outfit, elongates your legs and do not draw attention from your face down to your feet. Buy a pair of good nude pumps for summer and a pair of black for a winter period. The most important thing about the colour of the shoes, they should match the colour of your legs. Nude – for bare legs, black – for black stockings, NEVER the other way around.

2. Another good solution to broaden your shoe collection is pastels (pale green, pink, yellow, blue, grey) or metallics. These tints are normally as flattering as nude shoes but add more value to your outfit, especially when it is as simple as a pair of jeans and a white tank top. The general rule is, shoes are not made to draw the attention, but make your legs slimmer and longer.

3. Second important thing about shoes is the point of the shoe. It should be pointed, not round or God forbid en’s square. The pointy the shoes are, the longer you legs see to be. A lot of men think that scarpins are only for bitches. Well, if a man can be intimidated by your shoes, it’s probably worth changing the man and keeping the shoes.

4. The heel height is linked to your height. For petites I always recommend to avoid flats and heels which are to high, since they will accentuate your short height even more. If you have heavy hips or big ankles, you better avoid very high heels as well, – they make muscles heavier by striking.

5. Sandals and ankle straps are for the ladies with long and slim legs, pumps and wedges are for those, who are a bit heavier on the bottom and have shorter legs.

6. For the ladies working in a strict dress code companies, remember that the highest heel appropriate in a business environment is 5 to 6 cm.

7. Remember, fashion does not have any rules. So the pictures you will see below are not based on all what was mentioned above;) Yet hope you like them!

All the pictures are made by my friend young, beautiful and talented girl – photographer Anna Hallard.

I am wearing Sandro drees, Levi’s silk bomber (vintage) , Shoes March 23, Bracelet BCBG Max Azria, clutch TOPSHOP, earings H&M.







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