How to wear fur in spring?


Hello, spring birds! It’s officially first week of spring and despite horrible weather in Belgium, I do feel totally different air outside. I am more than ready to stock all my winter clothes in the back of my closet and let myself go on a major spring shopping expedition. Meanwhile I am trying to re-invent my last season collection and this time I came up with a very very boho chic look with wide leg trousers, long fringed necklace and fur all in one package called “I pretend I dress like this every day”.
The key focus this time will be on fur in all kinds, species and functions. You may think why do I need fur when its spring outside. Trust me you do. Fur nowadays is appropriate any season, any temperature and any time of the day. Do not hurry up to put your furs away, because I will show you how can you introduce them in your spring wardrobe.
First of all, most furs are detachable. So just remove your fur collar, or your fur cuffs from your winter jacket and use them to accessorize your spring look, which is exactly what I did. Originally my fur cuffs are coming from my winter jacket, but I decided to pair them with my favourite spring blazer “et voila”! Both got a new touch: the blazer started looking like a vest, and the fur cuffs can live longer now. I wanted to create a very dress-up look so I add this 20s inspired long necklace and long wide leg silk trousers. The lines are long and clean, but the colors and the fur make added richness and extravagance to the look. Do you like it?








Photos Anna Hallard

I am wearing: Cos blazer and top, Joseph silk trousers, River Island pumps, and BCBGMax Azria clutch.

I’ve checked my biggest source of inspiration – street style for new original ideas how to wear fur in spring and here is what I found.

1. Ethnic way. Totally adore this mix. Ethnic nonchalant dresses coupled with fur coat. Very feminine and fresh. I definitely need to test it myself.


2. Second way – fur sporty way. Of course, fur would not be on trend unless it was introduced to the biggest fashion obsession of the season named “sport chic”. I love how bloggers and fashionistas made fur look very young and hip. I am going to wear fur with baskets.



3. Fur in flashy colour, mainly fuchsia. For those who can afford more thant one fur coat.


4. Oversized fur scarf. For those who cannot afford the entire fur coat yet.


5. Fur military way. Sounds controversial and therefore just right to be on trend.


6. Fur gothic way. Why not? Goths can also look chic.

7. And the last but not the least fur has always been and will remain very Parisian style. A new version of born Parisian elegance is fresh and sophisticated, as usual.


Enjoy spring! Stay in touch and share with me your way to wear fur at!

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  1. Классный образ! Очень элегантный и по весеннему нежный. Каффы придают изюминку вашему образу. Я тоже люблю носить мех не только зимой. Как раз сшила на весну меховой жилет модного цвета фуксии! =)

    • Спасибо, Юля!


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