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Hi, there! I am back with my new post, which is actually continuation of my summer romance story. And this time it is about lace – head to toe.

Season after season, lace features on catwalks from Milan to LA. White crochet lace rules is a must in summer, while in winter, red and black lace party dresses get us into the Christmas spirit. But just how long has lace been in fashion? Honestly, I have no idea. I know that the greatest laceophile was Queen Elizabeth, the owner of the biggest lace collars. Since then, lace was always a sign of luxury and aristocracy, and obviously, not affordable for most of common people.

How to wear lace? Nowadays, lace comes in any quality and at any price, which makes it quite a risky thing to wear. The biggest risk is to look cheap, because lace has any value at all ONLY if it comes in good quality. This remark is valid for all your clothing including lingerie. So my biggest tip for every woman who wants to surprise her partner with a “femme fatale” private look:

1. Be ready to pay for it, or don’t buy it at all! (unless cheap look is exactly what inspires him;)

2. The second thing about that makes lace looking cheap is the color and here you should be aware of what you choose for: the lace of the color. If you choose for lace, than the color must be toned down to it’s maximum. No contrasts are allowed. You can combine different lace in one look(see the picture below), but you cannot combine high contrast lace in one look. Think of black dress with a pink lace- disaster!

3. Rule number three: learn to tell good lace from a bad one. The good lace is thick, soft and has a lot of details. The good lace is pretty. The bad lace looks ugly, it is stiff, thin and scratchy. Bad lace detail, even a small one is capable of ruining the whole look, so better get rid of it. Most lace details are easily removed.

4. Avoid lace on the bottom of hems, especially if it is wide lace. For the same reasons as above, lace just hanging off a hem is going to be very noticeable, especially if it is cheap, wide lace, which tends to be very thin, often looking very out of place and gauzy.

5. Do not overreact with lace! Lace gives a strong message about the girl who wears it, so better add some spice and roughness to your look in order NOT to look too fragile and fluffy. There are some iconic combo’s to style a lace top like worn out jeans or camouflage chino’s. If you wear lace dress, try to choose the shoes which are cool enough to make it a fashion statement, like patent pumps and NEVER lace or suede or velvet shoes. You don’t want to look like Maria Antoinette.

6. Just buy lace and experiment with it. Every girl should have lace in her wardrobe – believe me, men like it in any form, size and color!

These pictures are taken by my true partner in crime Steven Lemmens, so enjoy!

I am wearing Twin Set by Simona Barbieri head-to-toe.





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