Another Hat

Diana Shoot 608_WEB

Hi, there! I am officially ready for spring, as well as my wardrobe - full of flashy colors, high heels and mini skirts. However this outfit post is the last one in winter mood.

What kind of look is that? - No idea, I just like to mix thing that don't...

To wear or not wear?


To wear or not wear furs? In the country I am coming from this question is simply rediculous, especially when the temprature drops down by -30 C in winter. Fur is also a part of our traditional style, culture and history. Whereas in Russia, fur is a must have, in Europe fur...

Day Clouds


I hate clouds, especially living in Belgium - this is what I observe most of the year from my window. However when it comes to fashion, and especially Kenzo collection "day clouds", I am totally in love with it. Fashion is becoming more and more arty, and it is not a luxury anymore to walk...

Personal Branding

foto voor en na

Some people sell chocolates, other sell books, cars, houses, fashion, or arts. My post is about those who sell themselves as a brand and what is called personal branding. Brand that comes as the most unique package of all the most unique knowledge, capacities and charms. Package that only...

Expat Makeover


New Year has begun with quite a few exciting new projects and collaborations. One of them is my own column in the biggest expat magazine in Brussels - BxlConnect which you can find in all the hot spots of Brussels. And I am absolutely thrilled to introduce...

Fashion Makeover


Last month me and my team launched a new project "Fashion Makeover". The idea was pretty similar to what you see in most TV shows, the only difference was that it was not TV, but real life. Makeover and photoshoot in one day. Uhuu! And to make it even more challenging Fashion...

60s look


Sometimes I wonder how would I look like if I was born in a different decade: like 20s, 30s, 40s or 60s?! Still when cometics and hair dye was invented since I am not a natural type of girl;)

Those time fashion really put a stamp on people in a good...

Vintage Denim


Hi, there! It's been a long time, a lot of work, and me standing not in front but behind the camera as a stylist, which I, to be honest, love more than being a model.

Today I had a wonderful time with my friend - young and beautiful photographer No Comments Read more

Masculine vs Feminine


Masculine vs feminine. "What should I wear to the James Bond party?”, - asked me one of my clients the other day. “Red, black or a white dress?”.  “Neither”, - I said and suggested to “rock” the evening  in a tuxedo, worn with fitted pants  and the best pair of...

Modern Pin Up

before after

Hello, dear reader! Let me introduce you my new character – Hannelore Primusz , a 27-year old freelance actrice and singer, and above all a very extraodinary young woman, whose energy and artistic talent will hardly let you stay indifferent to her personality.

This collaboration was a extremely interesting for...