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There are two types of women out there: those who love red no matter if it is a colour of their lipstick, dress or underwear and those who cannot stand it even if it’s a lining of their coat and not visible at all. Today’s post is for those who love red colour.

If you like red, then mostly probable you like attention. You are bold, extravagant or like to seem to be one. Obviously, red is the strongest attention-keeper, so if you want to stay unnoticed, then avoid red colour. Red is also quite emotional colour, it shows a certain tension, passion and sometimes even aggression, which is why you should also avoid it in conflict situations; it can be simply intimidating. Red is the colour of leadership – if you want to make a statement – red will give you a powerful visual support and make you sound more authoritative.

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Does red suit everyone? Of course, but you need to find the right tint and shade of the colour. How? Here are some guidelines:


  • IF you are blond, like me, and you have a pale skin tone and cool eyes like blue or green, wear red in small doses or mix it with other cool colours like blue or purple. The red that suits you the most is the cool and light one shown on the colour scheme. You can wear it head-to-toe or, if you want to play safe, mix it with shite shirt. This is what my look is about. The red coat I am wearing is in light cool red with purple print, which makes it quite difficult to combine. My solution was to pair it with the all-time classics: white shirt – blue jeans and spice it up with bright pumps and colour block clutch.

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  • If you have dark hair and cool eyes than, the red you need is cool and dark – the bottom left on the picture. You can actually afford quite a strong contrast with it, such as black for example. You can dress all red without being scared to look too pale or too extravagant, because your features are bold enough for it.


  • If you have light brown or blond hair but with warm shade in it, your skin tone is very pale and you never get tanned, you mostly probable look gorgeous in all tints of coral – check the right top corner. You can mix the red with other warm colours, like yellow or orange, or if you want to have more sober look, wear off-white or cream with it.


  •  And finally if you are red head or have dark copper hair, you are born to wear red. You better go for the warm tone of red, but avoid strong contrast, like red and black. You can have original combinations by pairing it with green, grey or ochre, or wear it head to toe.



And the last but not the least question: which colours go with red and which don’t? Well, I don’t think that there is a color that can spoil red. Avoid traditional red with traditional green unless you want to look like a Xmas tree. For the rest, just experiment! The most important is, that you pick the right shade of red that compliments your skin tone and your features. Wear red with neutrals: white, beige, camel, grey. Wear red with other colours: purple, blue, black and pink. If you want to tone it down a bit: just add white to the two-colour combination – it’s always safe.

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 And remember “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness” – Bill Blass!

Have a wonderful weekend! X

 I am wearing Missoni Coat, Jbrand jeans, River Island Pumps and BCBG Max Azria clutch.

Thank you Steven Lemmens for these wonderful photos! Love them!

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