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Hello my dearest reader! I am back from my pre-summer holiday. I was lucky to visit one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth named Santorini and watch the sunset right from my own terrace. I am still on a very relaxed and romantic mode, totally out of Belgian environment, so this post is about summer and about summer romance.

There are very few women as it turns who like to look romantic and fragile at least in Belgium, but if there is a season to experiment with romantic style-then its definitely summer. Think lace, embroidery, warm and soft colors, flower prints and ruffles – all what makes you look sensitive, unprotected and therefore attractive for the strongest part of this planet.

So where to start if you wear a pair of jeans 365 days of the year and have little curves and boyish haircut as I do?!

Here are some tips about injecting romantic style in your daily wardrobe:

1. Start with detail! Never rush into extremes and start with head-to-toe look. Remember style is all about details: lace top with a pair of jeans, a flower brooch on the lapel of your blazer, floral dress worn with chunky knit or just a bow on your shoe.

2. Remember flattering aspect goes prior then anything else. Do not go for the look, but for clothes that make you look the best. If you straight and have no bust and/or hips, do not put yourself in chiffon or a big floral print. Try alternative way to express your femininity: try camisole top with a lace detail underneath your blazer or asymmetric ruffle on you dress.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. I see women every day who keep on telling me that they want to change, but persistently denying anything that make them look different. High heels are not comfortable, bright colors attract the attention and make people notice you, pencil skirt does accentuate your butts, but is not what you want?! Most of us can accept and admire styles worn by other people but not brave enough to try it on themselves.

4. Romantic style can be perfectly achieved by color combinations. Try any shade of pink, it should not be necessarily Barbie pink, but nude or cool pink will perfectly work for creating more feminine romantic look. Remember romantic look is soft, no contrasts are acceptable. Go for a low contrast combo’s like light blue and light green, pale pink and red, lavender and pale yellow.

5. And the most important to be able to look like a woman, you should feel like one. There is no need to show you inner strength where it is not required, and there is nothing wrong with being weak especially when you want a strong man to walk next to you.

Enjoy your week ladies! X

As always big thanks to my friend Steven Lemmens for the pictures!






Me wearing Twin Set by Simona Barbieri head-to-toe.

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