The Perfect Trench Coat


The perfect trench coat means that you don’t need to spend 3 hour staring at your wardrobe and deciding what to wear over no matter what you are already wearing. I keep on saying to all my clients that their wardrobe cannot be good enough without a trench-coat. However I was looking for my perfect partner for years. I was hunting for it all over London for exactly three days since it was a very-limited edition, but it was worth it. So what makes a trench coat so irreplaceable and how to choose one?

There is a very simple reason that makes a trench -coat a must have for every stylish woman. It is always stylish and absolutely versatile, in other words, you can wear it with every outfit from a pair of jeans, white shirt and converse to the most exquisite cocktail dress.

5 tips on finding the right trench-coat:

1. Choose a classic color for your trench coat: beige, camel or khaki. Trench coat is worth investing, therefore you do not want to end up with some color which is not up-to-date next season. Besides, flashy color takes off the whole magic of this garment.

2. Look carefully at the cut of the trench coat and its details. Pleats around your hips will add up the bulk in the area, double-breasted coats are not made for women with wide shoulders and heavy bust, big lapels and epaulettes will again make you wider and heavier on top.

3. Hemlines should finish on or just above-the-knee. Mid-calf and mid-hip length are the risky zone to go. Those are the widest parts of your body and you probably do not want to accentuate them.

4. Make sure that the trench-coat sits neat and perfect especially in the shoulders. The whole point of the trench coat is that it hugs your figure and gives more structure to it and not turning into some voluminous piece of fabric.

5. Do not save on trench-coat. The fabric it is made of is the king and you will need to pay for it. Fluffy trench-coat is a fashion crime.

Hope I was a little bit useful to you. Have a good week and sunny weather, unless you have already got your perfect trench-coat!;)

Thanks to my friend Anna Hallard for these beautiful pictures despite the northern wind, brrrrrr!))






I am wearing Topshop trench coat and jumsuit, Sergio Rossi nude pumps, &Other Strories bag, Cos necklace and Lolita Lempica spectacles.

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