To wear or not wear?


To wear or not wear furs? In the country I am coming from this question is simply rediculous, especially when the temprature drops down by -30 C in winter. Fur is also a part of our traditional style, culture and history. Whereas in Russia, fur is a must have, in Europe fur is mostly fashionable among 70-year olds and older. I remember once, when it was really cold for Belgian standards I dare to wear my fur hat “ushanka” to the bakery. The success was “fenomenal”, I guess most clients there forgot what they came for and were simply staring at my hat. I guess I look too authentic. Since then my fur collection has spent some years in the back of my closet, before furs finally won the podiums of the runaways and hearts of streetstyle trend-setters.

I like fur. I like fur coats and the way they hug and warm you, nothing feels more cosy than fur. And I just hate faux fur almost the same as I hate faux leather. So to the question “to wear or not wear?”,  I would definitely say yes, if you can afford a real one.

So here I am on the first days of spring, wearing my vintage furcoat and trying on Bohemian style. This is not 100% me stylewise, but I still hope you like it;)

No animals were killed in the last 50 years, since the furcoat I am wearing is definitely older than that.






Me wearing vintage fur coat, sailor’s sweater, Victoria Beckham skinny jeans, and Mango cross-shoulder mini bag.

Photography Steven Lemmens

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