Vintage Denim


Hi, there! It’s been a long time, a lot of work, and me standing not in front but behind the camera as a stylist, which I, to be honest, love more than being a model.

Today I had a wonderful time with my friend – young and beautiful photographer Anna Hallard whose camera was just at hand to take some pictures.

I don’t know how much it will take me to get rid of my denim heritage after years working for Levi’s, but I still enjoy some vintage denim pieces and try to wear them in every possible way. It is difficult to go wrong with denim, but vintage is another story. I read somewhere that men just hate these typical mumsy high-waisted jeans, which I personally find very sexy. So despite male disapproval, high-waisted vintage jeans is a must-have of every fashionista, check Miroslava Duma and Lena Perminova. You can style it with any sophisticated top or jacket, in my case – vintage Escada, but mind the shoes. If you go for baggy fit, wear heels, otherwise it will not only look unflattering, but even ridiculous and dated.

I wish  I wore pumps today, but sorry, it was only 2 C, so I didn’t have the guts, which I regret about.

I like to wear denim with denim, jeans with chambray shirt is high on trend, so today it is 100% denim – 100% Levi’s;) And of course,  I could not forget about my national identity  – Russian shawl is again on me, warming my neck and my soul from not that cold belgian winter.

Enjoy the pre-Xmas spirit, buy a lot of presents and do everything, which is still on your list for 2013! X





Me wearing: vintage Levi’s jeans and shirt, vintage Escada jacket, Adolfo Dominigos wedges and Russian shawl from Very by T&K 

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